LOST in k-space?

This app comes to the rescue!

Are you lost in k-space?

Rest assured that you're not alone! Almost all students of Magnetic Resonance Imaging got lost in k-space, and many have even never returned! If only they had taken with them an iPhone with the k-Space Odyssey app!

A k-Space Odyssey

This educational MRI app, available in the AppStore, will quickly help you develop a good feeling for the concepts of k-space. Alternatively, it is a very powerful training tool if you want to explain the concepts of k-space to others. The app allows you to interactively modify k-space, using standard MR scanner terminology, and see what happens to the reconstructed clinical image in real time. You can either pick any of the pre-selected MRI cases or use images from your iPhone's photo album. You can even use your iPhone's' built-in camera to take pictures from text books, or straight from an MR scanner. An integrated, dynamic user manual reveals all the k-space secrets you thought you would never discover.

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